Manage your maps

With, access your tools, manage your indoor maps and interact with Visioglobe team.


A powerful web based map design application to create, edit and publish your maps, its routing network and much more.


A unique platform to help you mutualize, manage, and track on your map all the information from sensors, IOT and assets used in your smart building.


A simple and synthetic dashboard that lets you visualize the usage of your maps. Analyze relevant information about your customers journey inside your indoor space.

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Publish your maps

One map, multiple platforms! On mobile, web and kiosk, Visioglobe full set of dedicated SDKs allows you to integrate and visualize your indoor maps within hours.


A ready to go map solution that integrates into your iOS and Android applications. Easily connect your custom map and see it rendered on your smartphone.


Make the most of the latest browsers to provide a unique experience to your guests. Make use of VisioWeb versatility on your desktop, kiosk or a web-based mobile application.


The easiest solution to embed VisioWeb in your web app with minimal effort. It comes with a simplified API and configurable UI to match your needs.

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