Solution overview

Discover how Visioglobe indoor mapping tools work together to provide you with an optimal indoor navigation. Visioglobe's proprietary solution is flexible and evolutive, the features are always based on clients' feedback and use cases.

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Map visualization

Visioglobe indoor mapping software is omni channel and provides you many features to visualize your indoor maps. You can easily access your tools with

Omni channel

Integrate your 3D maps into smartphones, websites and kiosk platforms.


Display specific information to different types of users, e.g. security staff, clients, etc. Configure it in the back office and display it on your devices.

Map movements

Rotation, zoom level and pitch are configurable on the maps for optimal indoor navigation.

Map display

3D, multi floor, different levels of detail, different levels of zoom. 

Multi language support

Visioglobe supports (almost) any language. 


One way or two ways routing configuration. Multi modal routing possibilities adapted to low mobility person.

LBS compatible

All the maps are georeferenced to be compatible with any indoor location technology provider. 

CMS compatible

Display dynamically on the map any kind of information related to your use case and your content management system.

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Map management

Make the most out of your maps and ensure maximal efficiency for your indoor navigation. Visioglobe provides you optimal and flexible tools to manage your interactive maps.

Real time updates

 Edit and publish your map updates on mobile, web and kiosk platforms.

Import formats

Import many formats into VisioMapEditor : GEOJSON, DWG, PDF, IFC. If you have other formats, let us know !

Export formats

Export many formats from VisioMapEditor for your BI needs(in GEOJSON) or your print communication purposes (PDF with or without pre configured legends) or SVG.

Asset tracking

Manage and track your crucial assets on your maps.
Get paramount information on stocks and battery level.
Remotely send information on assets to your intervention teams.
Dedicated companion app to send information directly from the field.

Data analysis

Get information on your venue in real time to manage flow or display data and statistics over a given period. Get to know your users to adapt your map to their needs.

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