VisioStats allows you to have real-time analytics based on your indoor maps and understand visitors, employees or patients journeys.

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Indoor maps optimization with analytics

Flow optimization

Understand and improve journeys

Simple and synthetic visual tool to help your customers making the right decision. You can influence Customer behaviour and boost their engagement.


Heatmaps and Attractive places

Display and analyze users journey inside your indoor space through heatmaps. Display statistics in real time or on a selected period directly on the dashboard. Visualize how customers interact in the Smart Building.

Indoor maps data visualization

Benefits and features


The indoor positioning system installed by a third party will allow to gather the actual position of a person and generate heat maps.

Attractive places

If no indoor positioning is installed, the heat maps generated can rely on the information that the person will look at on the map.

Anonymous uploads

Anonymous uploads of map usage by end-users

Custom views

Configure a specific view based either on indoor location or camera view if needed.

Related Features

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