Asset tracking

VisioAssets is a unique platform to help you view on the map and manage all the assets of your building in real time.

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Optimize your process with VisioAssets


Optimise your process

In the office track all your sensors for meeting room booking (Battery Level / Location / Usage), for hot desking. Improve energy efficiency by visualizing in real time your energy consumption based on your sensors (Temperature / Light / Air quality / Water consumption).
Improve daily office supplies usage by visualizing in real time if your assets are accessible or not (Operational TV screen / Empty trash can / full ink cartridge in your printer).

In hospitals locate and track all your sensors for hospital supplies (Battery Level / Location / Usage):Manage the sensors put on key assets (Wheelchairs / Respirators) to know in real time where they are.


Track and locate your assets

VisioAssets® allows your to have better visibility of your assets in your Smart Building. VisioAssets® is a Saas application that helps to collect all assets informations from sensor, tags and IoT into one  single application.

Track and locate your assets with VisioAssets

Benefits and features


Improve daily office supplies usage with push notifications.


Guide your teams and ensure the maintenance of your assets.

All sensors

Manage and mutualise any assets informations from sensors, or any IoT, into one application and indoor map.

Import capabilities

import a large amount of assets on your indoor map and manage them in real time.


In addition to VisioAssets, use VisioAssets companion to visualize your assets and their status on your mobile.


Visualize your assets on a Visioglobe map to consult their status, filter, edit or monitor their history.

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