The best indoor map drawing tool (yet)

VisioMapEditor 3.0

A screen showing the interface of the Latest version of VisioMapEditor

Meet the latest and greatest

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the latest version of VisioMapEditor, our map drawing software.

After months of user interviews, discussions, design iterations, and development (and, frankly, a bit too much coffee), we are proud to present to you this feature-packed new version.

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Complete redesign

New design language
Our team has focused on creating a clean, modern, and intuitive design that makes the mapping process more legible and easy to use.
Better, faster, stronger
Our team has worked tirelessly to optimize every aspect of the software to make it better, faster and stronger thanks to a brand-new infrastructure.
New and improved features
We are excited to announce over 150 new and improved features that enhance the user experience and streamline the mapping process.
The tools you need, when you need them
We have carefully restructured the interface to make everything easily accessible and visible, optimizing your actions at every step.

New and improved workflows

Better collaboration
With our new commentary module, streamline communication and make it easy to collaborate on your projects.
Powerful workspace tools
All your workspace tools are now available with one click. Rotate the map canvas to match your needs
New and improved validation tools
Quickly identify errors, correct mistakes, and ensure that your maps are accurate and visually stunning.
Auto save
Focus on creating maps, without worrying about losing your work again. Create milestone of your progress with version tagging.

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