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How does work the Map Editor license fee?

We propose VisioMapEditor, our Map Editor, on a yearly license fee, which is paid by platform (iOS, Android, Web), and by target (end user, staff, security)

Are Visioglobe maps georeferenced?

Yes, all our indoor maps can be easily geo-referenced: it means that each point on the map has the correct latitude and longitude. This allow our maps to be integrated with indoor location technologies provided by third parties partners or any indoor location technology of your choice.

What is needed by Visioglobe to create my digital indoor map?

Visioglobe needs the floor plans of your building (architectural drawings). Visioglobe prefers to work with AutoCAD files (DWG format), but other formats can be used as well (GeoJson, PDF, ...). Please contact your account manager for more information on this point.

On which platforms can I use Visioglobe maps?

Visioglobe offers native solutions for iOS and Android (mobile). Visioglobe also provides SDKs for Web and Kiosk (Javascript library leveraging WebGL API).

Do you create one map per platform?

No, we create one single source map which is then published on all platforms (iOS, Android, Web, Kiosk).

Do you provide turn by turn navigation?

Yes, we do provide turn by turn navigation on all platforms. You can design multi floor, and multimodal navigation (including for low mobility users) directly on VisioMapEditor. Visioglobe software is composed of an algorithm capable of generating the turn by turn navigation between all POIs. The turn by turn navigation is still available even in flight mode.

Can I use Visioglobe maps in plane/flight mode (offline)?

Yes, VisioMoveEssential (iOS and Android) can be used without any connection. You’ll need a connection only to refresh the map, once a new one is ready to be updated.

Can I print my Visioglobe map directly from VisioMapEditor?

Yes, our indoor maps are “vector based”, thus with our "Print" module, your map can be exported either to SVG format, in order to be redesigned for any print demand, either to PDF format including or not a legend.

Does Visioglobe provides Indoor positioning system?

Visioglobe does not provide indoor positioning system. All Visioglobe maps are geo-referenced: Thus Visioglobe makes sure to always be compatible with Indoor positioning systems (different technologies), and GPS as well. Depending on your needs, we can advise you on the most adapted certified partner we are used to work with. Please contact us for more information.

How can I create my Map?

There are 2 options: 1/ You can do it! You design the map by yourself using VisioMapEditor software. 2/ Visioglobe does it for you as a service. For this, please send us more information about your map project and we will come back to you with a specific quotation.

How can I cancel my license subscription?

There is no automatic renewal, so you pay only for what you order.

What is VisioMapEditor?

We developed a software, VisioMapEditor that enables our client or partner to (independently from Visioglobe) make any change or update on the digital map very simply and then publish it in the live environment on Mobile Web and Kiosk. No IT-knowledge is needed and you can make unlimited changes in color, layout, create new routing (wayfinding), new surfaces, split, create, limitless… more infos on map editor page.

Can I store Visioglobe maps and software on my local servers or local cloud?

Visioglobe’s maps and VisioMapEditor are stored on a secured cloud. This is the official and common Visioglobe solution. However if you wish to store the Visioglobe solution differently (on local servers or on a local cloud), please contact Visioglobe at:

What is the minimum price and maximum price for the license?

License fee is calculated upon the surface of the floorplan. The minimum price is corresponding to 10 000 sqm : any map surface under 10 000 sqm shall pay the price corresponding to 10 000 sqm. The maximum price corresponds to 200 000 sqm : any map surface above 200 000 sqm won’t pay more than for a surface of 200 000 sqm.

Who keeps the map property once it's created?

Once you’ve created your indoor map, or if you request us to create it for you, the map created is yours, and you keep the IP of it. All the data that you or a third party gather from the map remains your property.

What is the size of the map once embedded in a device.

For a mall of 1 000 000 sqm and 1500 POI, the size on Mobile is not more than 5MB.

Do you create the full application?

No, we only do the map module. For the application, you can develop it yourself, or request some of our certified partners.