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Map Editor

Introducing Visioglobe's Map Editor - the ultimate solution for creating, editing, and publishing stunning indoor maps. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly customize and enhance your maps and location information.

Draw shapes on MapEditor


Map editor lets you create and edit your map with ease in a simple 2D space. Using simple geometrical shapes create the map you envision.

Our team of experienced designer is here to help you with your project if drawing is not your thing. Benefit from our expertise to create the most functionnal and beutiful maps.

Routing network

With Map Editor, creating a routing network is as simple as clicking to create new points of passage. Click one your points of interest to connect them and make them accessible for your users.

Create custom modalities to suite your use case and make your venue accessible for any type of users.

Create Routing thanks to Map Editor
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Content management map Editor

Content management

Our Map Editor is compatible with any backend solution you may use to manage information about your points of interest. Simply import a file into our Map Editor, and you can populate all your point of interest information in seconds.

Don't use a dedicated CMS? You can choose to use the built-in Map Editor and export all your information in a variety of file formats.


In some cases, you may need to provide different information to different types of users. With our profiles feature, you can manage not only what each type of user will be able to see on the finished application, but also what they will be able to see and edit in the Map Editor.

With only one map to manage, providing users with the information they need becomes truly seamless.

Use of Profiles on MapEditor
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Use of 3d models on Map Editor

3D capabilities

To make your map truly stunning and unique, consider adding 3D models to your design.

Every map project comes with a full library of "low poly" 3D models to guarantee optimal performance for your application.

If you need a custom-made model for your building or interior design, our team of talented 3D designers is here to help! Don't hesitate to reach out.

Blazing fast

We designed the previous iteration of our Map Editor with speed and efficiency in mind. We made it easy for you to create "time stamps" of your work, allowing you to quickly jump back and forth between versions.

Our build and publish times have been greatly reduced, even for the most demanding projects. This fast publication capability allows you to quickly push edits to your applications. Furthermore, our publication system can run in parallel and be pushed to different device types simultaneously, saving you even more time.

Fast publishing on MapEditor
Imports / Exports


Our Map Editor allows you to import various file formats and industry standards like .dwg, .pdf, images and GeoJson files to jumpstart the map creation process.

You can also export your map design in a variety of file format to suit your specific needs. Our maps are based on industry standard like GeoJson to help you build a truly customized application.

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