Mobile SDK overview

Meet our native mobile SDKs

Deliver Optimal Performance and Personalized Indoor Navigation experiences on mobile devices with our native SDKs for Android and iOS.


View your map in 3D or 2D. Multi-floor view. Display different level of detail based on zoom. Fluid camera animation.

Multi language support

Our SDK offers seamless integration of any language. Provide a localized experience for users around the world.

Offline mode

When internet connection is impossible or limited, our maps works offline and in airplane mode.

Optimal performances

Our map bundles and SDK are built to weight as little as possible so your applications can run smoothly. We also optimized the performances of our native SDK to make sure that your user will have the most seamless experience while maintaining efficient power consumption.

Mobile SDK optimal performance
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Easy integration on mobile app of SDK

Easy integration

VisioMove Essential is designed with a strong emphasis on ease of integration, making it a seamless addition to any mobile application. With a straight forward and complete documentation, it can be integrated within only 4 hours into your iOS and Android applications.


Our native SDKs provide you with flexibility and compatibility. Seamlessly integrate with any positioning technology and content management system you choose, ensuring accurate indoor navigation and positioning for your users. Get rid of compatibility constraints and unlock endless possibilities with our powerful native SDKs.

SDK compatibility with any others technologies

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