Privacy Policy

At Visioglobe, the confidence of or customer, partner and user is one of the major objectives. The following document explains in details our privacy policy.

Please carefully read the informations below in order to know how we collect, process,share, and use the personal informations that we collect.

All Visioglobe Privacy policy is compliant with the EU GDPR regulation.

Visioglobe responsibility:

Visioglobe is responsible for the management of your personal data as described in the following document.

In order to avoid ambiguity, Visioglobe privacy policy doesn't apply when Visioglobe is a subcontractor of our customer, more precisely when we offer to our customers the Visioglobe solution in cloud mode, and let our customers exploit themselves their own website, application and solution to address their own customers.

For more informations about the privacy policy of Visioglobe customers using Visioglobe solutions, please contact them directly.

Visioglobe is not responsible for the usage of our customer of Visioglobe solutions, and their privacy policy.


The below informations apply for the personal data collected by Visiogobe when you :

  • Use our website
  • Use our cloud solution to create or update a map
  • Request informations from our website
  • Register yourself on our developer email information
  • Use our solution for web and mobile navigation
  • Register to our training session
  • Use our statistic module

Which data are collected

  • If you use our website, we collect: your geographical location, the browser used, the Os, the page(s) visited, the time spent on the website.
  • If you use our cloud solution, we collect : your email, your surname and your name.
  • If you request any information in order to receive a quotation through our website, we collect : your name, your email, your company, your geographical area in order to give you an answer.
  • If you register yourself as a developer on our website, we collect : your name, your surname and your email.
  • If you register for a training session, we collect : your name, your surname andyou email.
  • If you use our Statistics module in web or mobile SDKs, we collect :
  • User camera lookup point over time
  • A device’s position over time if provided by a third party module (GPS, Beacons)
  • Device characteristics data (type, model, OS, Browser)
  • Click on maps
  • Routing information
  • If you subscribe to our website newsletter, we collect : your email.

Methods of personal data collection

The device position, the device characteristics, the number of clicks on the map, the routing informations and the user camera look up points may be collected, anonymously, for statistics purposes. On the website, emails, names, and other informations are asked when someone wants to be contacted by visioglobe.

Use of personal data

  • Use our website

We use the data to better understand where our customers and partners are located, and their favorite pages on the website.

  • Use our cloud solution to create or update a map

We use the data to let our customers and partners access to our cloud based solution and to be able to use it

  • Request information from our website

We use the data to answer quickly to customers and partners quotation requests, by sending them the appropriate informations.

  • Register yourself on our developer email informations

We use the data to send emails to inform partners and customers about the new releases and give them some informations about the features of our solutions

  • Use our solution for web and mobile navigation

We use the data to provide our customers and partners the requested informations for managing their own application

  • Register to our training session

We use the data to send an email allowing the access to the customer which has requested a registration to a training session

  • Use of our statistic module

We use the data for our customers which have requested an access to this module, in order to reuse it in their own application

  • Subscribe to our website newsletter

We only use your email to send you our newsletters. You can unsubscribe on the newsletter.

With who we share the private data

We only share SDK and Statistic data of our products or customers which have paid for such a service, in order to reuse it on their side for a dedicated application.

How much time we keep your data

We store the data during 3 years as advised by the CNIL (French authority for personaldata regulation):

Your rights regarding personal data

Your have the right to access, to change, to delete, to transfer and to stop the collect of your personal data.

How to exercise your rights:

For any question about the collect and the treatment of your personal data, you can contact us:

- By email:
- By postal way: Le Silvaco, 55 Rue Blaise Pascal, 38330 Montbonnot-Saint-Martin(France)

We will answer to your question within one month.

Your rights regarding the personal data of our customer

As explained above, we are not responsible of the usage of our solutions made by our customers and partners. If you have any questions about this usage, please contact them directly.

How we protect your personal data

We set up all specific organisational, physical and technical actions to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, non authorized access, divulgation, illegal or accidendate access. Despite these measures, we are not responsible of your passwords and access to your platform.

Cookies policy

1. What cookies are used?

Essential : Those cookies cannot be removed and are essential to use our website.
: Performance cookies are used to see how visitors use the website, eg. analytics cookies. Those cookies cannot be used to directly identify a certain visitor.

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