VisioMoveEssential 2.0.0: Unveiling New Heights in Mobile Mapping

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VisioMoveEssential 2.0.0: Unveiling New Heights in Mobile Mapping

We are thrilled to announce VisioMoveEssential 2! Packed with an array of powerful features and enhancements, VisioMoveEssential 2 is set to redefine the way developers approach indoor mapping applications.

What's New in VisioMoveEssential 2?

1. SetTheme() API for Dynamic Map Theming

One of the standout features of VisioMoveEssential 2 is the introduction of the new SetTheme() API. Now, you can dynamically change the theme of the map even after it has been launched. This flexibility empowers developers to create more immersive and adaptable mapping experiences for users.

2. Animated Routing Trace

VisioMoveEssential 2 introduces animation support for the entire routing trace, enhancing the user experience by providing a visually engaging journey through mapped spaces. This feature adds a dynamic dimension to navigation, making it not just functional but also delightful.

3. Effortless POI Placement with JSON

With VisioMoveEssential 2, placing Points of Interest (POIs) has never been easier. Developers can now use a single JSON file to define and configure all POI data. This streamlined approach simplifies the integration process and allows for more efficient management of location-specific information.

4. Unified Bundle Support Across Platforms

VisioMoveEssential 2 takes a leap forward in cross-platform development. The introduction of unified bundle support means developers can use a single function for both iOS and Android platforms. This not only reduces development effort but also ensures a consistent experience for users across different devices.

5. Optimized Loading Times

Performance matters, and VisioMoveEssential 2 is optimized for faster loading times. This enhancement ensures that users can access and navigate maps swiftly, providing a seamless and responsive mapping experience.

6. Examples with SwiftUI (iOS) and KotlinCompose (Android)

VisioMoveEssential 2 comes bundled with illustrative examples using SwiftUI for iOS and KotlinCompose for Android. These examples showcase the integration of the SDKs with modern technologies, helping developers kickstart their projects with best practices and efficient coding techniques.

7. loadMap / loadData: Preloading Map Data for Visualization

A crucial improvement in VisioMoveEssential 2 is the introduction of loadMap and loadData functions. You can now preload map data before visualization, enhancing the efficiency of map rendering and ensuring a smoother user experience.

8. Facilitated Integration of Asian Languages

Recognizing the global nature of mapping applications, VisioMoveEssential 2 streamlines the integration of Asian languages. You can now seamlessly incorporate languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, opening up new possibilities for international applications.

Try VisioMoveEssential 2 Today!

VisioMoveEssential 2 is set to revolutionize indoor mapping applications, offering a feature-rich environment for developers. Embrace the future of mobile mapping with Visioglobe's latest release candidate. Download the SDKs, explore the examples, and dive into a world of possibilities with VisioMoveEssential 2.

Visit Visioglobe's Developer website to access documentation and download SDKs!