Unique indoor mapping
& wayfinding software

Visioglobe indoor mapping software allows you to create beautiful and functional 3D maps for your business.
Our indoor maps are easy to create and integrate into your wayfinding application to provide you the most intuitive, fluid and eye pleasing navigation.

How does it work?

spoiler : it's easy!


Our powerful web-based application allows you to create your map, its routing network and much more.

All our maps are georeferenced and can be combined with the indoor positioning technology of your choice.


Integrate your indoor map within 4 hours into your wayfinding mobile applications, websites or kiosks.

Use the same map on all your devices to guarantee easy updates and maintenance.


Your indoor mapping experience goes beyond the intuitive eye pleasing exploration.

Gather map usage statistics and track your most valuable assets with a complete mapping software suite.



Beautiful and functional indoor maps.

With VisioMapEditor, it is simple to create stunning 3D rendered indoor maps using only basic 2D shapes!

No need of 3D modeling knowledge.
2 hours of training are enough!

Draw a multi modal routing network and allow seemless step by step navigation.

Import architectural files and export your data to standard industry formats.

Publish your map updates in real time.

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One map, multiple plateforms.

Our set of dedicated SDKs allows an integration within hours that guarantees optimal performances.

Dedicated SDKs for your Mobile, Web and Kiosk indoor applications.

Flexible roadmap based on client requirements. Visioglobe owns 100% of the technology!

Agnostic to third parties solutions : indoor location, iOT, building management system...

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Unlock the power of your maps.

Access all the tools you need to analyse and manage your maps data from a single portal.

Gather map usage statistics and display them in real time or over a set period of time.

Track your most valuable assets on your web browser or get moving with our companion app.

Get in touch with the team and plan your next projects.

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Maps are great! 3D maps? Even better!

Have a look!  

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