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VisioWeb and VisioWeb remote, allows you to visualize your indoor maps on websites and web mobile. Visualize also your indoor map on wayfinding kiosk to search, and navigate through indoor venues.

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Indoor maps customization and integration on web


Customization and Integration

VisioWeb, our web SDK technology, allows high customization features. CMS connection and instant updates. API is programmed in JavaScript.


Visually engaging and interactive map

Allure your guests with a visually engaging and interactive map. On desktop allow them to explore your venue from the comfort of their home.

Indoor maps visualization on web

Benefits and features

Omni channel

Integrate your 3D maps into smartphones, websites and kiosk platforms.

Map movements

Rotation, zoom level and pitch are configurable on the maps for optimal indoor wayfinding.

Map display

3D, multi floor, different levels of detail, different levels of zoom.

Multi language support

Visioglobe supports (almost) any language.


Step by step navigation instructions. Personalized,  and multi-language navigation. Adapted for people with reduced mobility or restricted areas.

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