Indoor navigation
for airports

Visioglobe indoor navigation solution provides quick access to information, improve assets and passengers flow management in airports.

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Indoor maps creation on desktop

Get the passengers informed and relaxed

Improve ACCESS TO INFORMATION with indoor navigation

Travel information

Visioglobe indoor mapping allows passengers to quickly find their boarding gate, duty-free shops, or any important point of interest to decrease their stress.

Flight information

Provide to passengers real-time information about their flight number and schedule.

Asset tracking

Allow passengers to easily find trolleys and buggies inside the airport.

Ease your asset tracking and passengers flow management



Track your assets on the map for maintenance purpose inside the airport.


A unique map for multiple platforms with real-time updates to personalize your passengers journey.


Analyze passengers flow with heatmaps to optimize their journey route and improve their airport experience.

Do not take our word for it.

Here is what our partners say about us

Visioglobe is a long-standing partner who contributed to the success of our airport mobile application thanks to a mapping rich in features but without compromising on aesthetics and ergonomics of use. This service allows travelers to be guided from check-in to boarding while enjoying a visit to our stores according to their interests. The map will also be implemented on our website and will make it easy to locate the shops, services and restaurants at the airport. Visioglobe systematically questions itself in order to regularly offer us service improvements which are fundamental from an innovation point of view.

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