Partnerships placed first

Building long lasting partnership with both our collaborators and our clients is a key indicator of our success.


Our ecosystem

Visioglobe technology is always embedded into third parties solutions. We work in an ecosystem where our expertise completes and adds values to your application project.

Visioglobe delivers to integrators and technological partners all the necessary tools to get the best indoor mapping experience for their applications.

Who are our partners?

Integrator Partners can be web agencies, applications developers, internal IT teams of end clients or consulting companies.

Technological Partners can be web agencies, applications developers, internal IT teams of end clients or consulting companies.

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Be part of the experience

Become a partner and benefit from a privileged way to work with our teams.


Win-win relationships always works! Become a key partner for Visioglobe and get special pricing for your projects.

Unique tools

Get immediately all the material to become an autonomous indoor mapping expert (training, tutorials, presentations).

Developer website

Get access immediately to the developer’s website with all the necessary documentation for an easy integration.

Feature requests

Feel free to propose features to improve your customer experience and discuss it with Visioglobe to include into the roadmap.

Beta testing

Get the opportunity to beta test our brand new features and give feedback valuable for your customers.


Team up with Visioglobe to work on our latest prototypes and create the mapping experiences of tomorrow.

I want to joinMeet our partners

Do not take our word for it.

Here is what our partners say about us !

Visioglobe is our privileged partner to provide the 3D interactive mapping solution for our different products. For almost 5 years now, we notice each time, the remarkable quality of the deliverables, as well as the excellent relations between our two companies.
Transparency is our leitmotif, so we particularly appreciate the spirit of this company on a human scale: listening, dialogue, satisfaction and good humor.

We have created an excellent partnership with Visioglobe for our mobile application intended for occupants of office buildings: My PERSONIFY Workplace. The team is able to understand the specificities of our market and offer a solution well suited to our constraints. IT has helped us make it possible and propose an innovative combined offer and have many satisfied customers. The quality of their platform, associated with their open-mindedness and their exemplary responsiveness make Visioglobe a key player in digital mapping solutions.

As a win-win partnership, ALE always appreciates working with Visioglobe for several reasons : great reactivity in responding to projects, agility in adapting to requests, quality level continuously respected.

Technological Partnership

Visioglobe’s offer fits with various solutions on the market such as CMS, BMS or indoor geolocation. Combination of Visioglobe with these solutions allows integrator partners to quickly create a complete application.

Integrators Partners

The Visioglobe solution can be integrated within 4 hours and allows the integrator partners to quickly create a complete application including indoor navigation.

Regional Partners

Visioglobe regional partners regularly support us on innovation, funding and regular information.

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