Patient journey and building management system: guidance, critical assets tracking and space management.

Hospital 3D model

Guide your patients efficiently

Improve your visitor flow


Let your patient’s find the quickest and safest path to guide them to the right room and avoid late/missed medical appointment.


Do not waste staff time to guide people within your hospital, improve their daily work and focus on healthcare functions.

Improved journey

Less stressed patients / visitors / employees improve the journey and work within the hospital.

Track, visualise and manage your assets

optimize your time and building management. 


As a nurse or doctor, find the critical and rare assets at the right time. (Locate wheelchairs, beds, infusion pumps).


As a building management technician, report incidents and guide your staff to the right place. 


(Covid19) Visualize and avoid patients overflow in hospitals and notify visitors to avoid specific overcrowded areas.

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