Our mission

Constantly exploring ways to provide the best* indoor map experience.
*simple, beautiful, and fun.

A bit of context

Visioglobe is a software publishing company, the headquarter is located in Montbonnot St Martin, France. Visioglobe has also office in Montreal.
Since 2007, we help create the most amazing digital mapping experiences. Among them, some of the world’s largest malls, most prestigious airports, hospitals and thousands of square meters of office spaces.
By developing a complete software suite that is both powerful and easy to use, our proprietary technology has empowered countless projects with interactive 3D maps. We aim at providing our users with a solution for indoor exploration that is fluid, intuitive and eye-pleasing across all platforms.

Meet the team

What working at Visioglobe means to us

"I love working at Visioglobe because each colleague is unique and because of the unique challenges we face."

Thibaud Messiet

Regional Manager - North America

"Going to work it's like a team sport activity, if we do it, it’s for the pleasure of having a nice team, and the taste of the chosen activity. I feel like this at Visioglobe, every day, since the very beginning."

Eric Bernard

CEO & Co-Founder

"Work and pleasure have never been more synonymous than when i work at Visioglobe. I always feel supported in my tasks and projects. The greatness of the team make me become better everyday."

David Cerna

Software Engineer Intern

"What I really love in this company is that nobody will ever stop you in your ideas and innovation. Visioglobe team make me grow every day."

Nathalie Rodriguez

Key account manager & Regional manager Europe

"Since I work at Visioglobe, I realised that the values within the company always reflect on the outside of the business such as transparency, loyalty and reliability."

Julien Cunze

Key account manager & Regional Manager Middle East

"Every morning I go to work with a smile, knowing that we're building our future together."

Cédric Manzoni

Software Engineer - Lead VisioWeb

"It means laughing while learning and getting inspired while producing !"

Anna Virginia Postal

Map Design Manager

"I love working at Visioglobe thanks to all the opportunities I have here and the great team I met. Everyone is special and has pleasure to share his knowledge, happiness and kindness with others."

Fanny Vignal

Software engineer

"I love working at Visioglobe because I feel fully autonomous and responsible for relationships with my partners in Asia. Every day is a new one where I can challenge myself. Visioglobe team is the best one to let you blossom!"

Ugo Prost

Regional Manager Asia

Our Culture

We want to create a space where everyone feels free to bring unique perspectives and experiences so we can come up with unique solutions to the challenges we face together.

Life at Visioglobe

"Well-being at the office is like a recipe with many ingredients : some can be missing, but what really counts is the right dosage. The moments at work need to be pleasant, and for this, it's important to appreciate your work environment, loving what you do everyday, and mostly be yourself.

Going to work it's like a team sport activity, if we do it, it’s for the pleasure of having a nice team, and the taste of the chosen activity. I feel like this at Visioglobe every day since the very beginning."

Eric Bernard

CEO & Co-Founder

Jobs openings

Graphic designer / project manager

December 20, 2021



April 4, 2022


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