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Meet the team - Anna Virgínia

Today, we sat down with Anna Virgínia, project manager at Visioglobe to discuss her job and how she manages indoor mapping projects.

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Meet the team - Anna Virgínia

Today, we sat down with Anna Virgínia, project manager at Visioglobe to discuss her job and how she manages indoor mapping projects for our customers. 

First, tell us more about what you do as a project manager at Visioglobe ?

A “Project” for Visioglobe means a Digital Map creation. 
Basically, as a Project Manager, I ensure that the digital map our design team will produce is the best for the application of the customer. 

So, one of the first and most important tasks is to evaluate the scope of the project. It is to understand what will be in the customer application and so to define what is essential to be on their map. Sometimes we will need to provide a sober design map, and other times a map full of elements and functionalities! This task is usually done hand-by-hand with the account manager. 

When the project is won, then I organize the resources (people and files) and prepare the digital map. Then, the graphic designer creates the beautiful map and when it is finished, I do the quality control and I deliver the digital map to the customer. 

Sometimes, I also provide VisioMapEditor training, which is the editor we developed and use to draw our digital maps. 

And what about the working environment between project team members?

As well as with the rest of the team, the environment of Visioglobe is always very caring, enriching and fun! Even at the end of the year, when production is usually very busy, we still take the time to drink our morning coffee altogether, and we always help each other when needed.   

How do you prioritize and manage conflicting project demands and deadlines?

Discussing the projects with all project managers, all account managers and of course, with customers !
When our team is full, we still can count on several good graphic designers to support us!

How do you ensure project quality and ensure deliverable meet customer requirements?

Having in mind the goal of the client’s application and the initial scope defined with him/her.

Can you give an example of a challenging project you managed and how you successfully navigated the obstacles? 

There were many challenging map design projects, but for me, the most challenging one was creating the new version of VisioMapEditor! There were many interviews with external customers and with our design team, resulting in more than 150 improved features !
The biggest challenge was to simplify the existing editor, while keeping it powerful enough for our internal use. 

We discussed each feature with a set of users, and in the end, we all agreed on a solution that would fit everyone!

How do you motivate and manage project team members to ensure they are engaged and delivering to their full potential?

Being sure they know WHY they are doing the work, acknowledging their good work, and being sure they also take the time to do the tasks they love the most!

What do you like most at Visioglobe?

The freedom to do our work as we believe is the best for Visioglobe. We are always proposing and doing new things !

Come on, one last VERY serious question, if you were a map, what kind of map?

I would definitely be an Airport map! :) Because an airport design is a perfect mix of essential information, enriched with aesthetic details and in cheerful colors! But also, because I always loved airports and it is full of meaning for me! It is a place where I traveled to find new opportunities and also, it is where I go to get back home !