Indoor mapping and wayfinding for shopping malls

Visioglobe indoor mapping and wayfinding solution provides travel optimization, management of shops and visitor flow in shopping malls.

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Indoor maps creation on desktop

Make the most of the visitors experience

OPTIMIZE THE VISITOR JOURNEy with Interactive maps


Visioglobe indoor maps help guide the visitors to their favorite stores thanks to optimized and adapted route.


Highlight shops' discounts on your map. Interact with visitors in a defined zone around selling points with geofencing.

Parking spot

Make visitors easily find their parking space once in the shopping mall.

Handle your shops and visitor flow in real time



Visualize and avoid visitors overflowing in shopping malls and notify visitors to avoid specific overcrowded areas by establishing one way routing.


Map updates in real time on mobile, web and kiosk. Add your popup stores and new store information in a few seconds.


Analyse on the map your rental spaces and add information on the map for data visualization.

Do not take our word for it.

Here is what our partners say about us

From the initial onboarding with the sales team, the use of the VisiomapEditor by our designers, up to the final release of our solution embedding the VisioWeb SDK - we cannot fault the technology or the team at Visioglobe for the smooth ride and a great product experience. Our clients in the private property sector are pleased with the aesthetic of the map, guiding quickly and successfully the user whilst keeping an eye-catching 3D look - alleasily maintainable by our team. Looking forward to more projectstogether!

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