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Visioglobe's Map Editor is the central Visioglobe tool for creating, editing and publishing indoor Visioglobe maps. Visioglobe's Map Editor is a powerful tool and allows you to easily create or modify your maps and location information.

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Maximum Creativity

Create and Interact

Create beautiful 3D indoor maps with simple 2D drawing tools, with high import and export formats capabilities. Manage your surfaces, make them interactive and compatible with any information you might want to display on the map.

Creation and interaction with indoor maps
manage and edit your indoor maps

Maximum INteractivity

Manage and Edit

Manage your maps : add your points of interest and modify them at any time, draw the routing network to allow step by step navigation. Define profiles to create specific content on the map and display only relevant information on the platforms.

Maximum efficiency

Select and Publish

Choose on which platform and which content you wish to publish your indoor maps : smartphone, web and kiosk. Publish your map updates in real time.

Indoor maps publication on devices

Benefits and features


Visioglobe's Map Editor is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed with a simple internet connection.


Easy to use by non technical personnel :  2 hours of training are enough to learn how to use the editor and publish your updates.


Allow step by step navigation on your application thanks to the routing network. Make your network accesible to anyone with disabled accesses.

Rights management

Manage and control which user can create, edit and publish the map or only a specific part of it.


Import various file formats (DWG, PDF,  PNG, GeoJson) to draw the most accurate map. Export your design in PDF, SVG or GeoJson for your indoor positioning needs.

Map Design

Add you custom set of icons, manage your venue layout, add geometric shapes and 3d models to create a unique mapping experience.

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