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Meet the team - Donatien

Today we are talking about digital marketing at Visioglobe and how it helps brand image and visibility.

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Meet the team - Donatien

Today is a bit special because I asked someone to interview me about my position as digital marketing manager in the company. I enjoyed being at this place!

Firstly, tell us about your job at Visioglobe?

Overall, I give visibility to our brand, make it more attractive on the market and set it apart from the competition to become a reference brand in our sector.

What makes a great Digital Marketing Manager?

I need to be in close contact with the salespeople to be aligned with the commercial strategy. Being a digital marketing manager in a software publishing company also requires a good understanding of the technology we use to address our different markets and targets with the right tone. The tone used is different depending on the communication channel used.

What's your favorite part of the job?

I enjoy working on our brand image and being able to communicate this image internally and externally. Our company publishes software that may not always be well understood, and it is very satisfying to explain what we do. I also enjoy working with many different teams across the company. Humans relation are really important in that job. 

What do you think is Visioglobe's greatest quality?

Our team! People at Visioglobe have both professional and human qualities, and that makes a real difference. I think the great values within the company reflect on the outside of the business. Thanks to that, we develop great relationships with our partners and clients based on loyalty and transparency. 

And… if you were a map, which map would you be?

I would be the map of middle earth (Lord of the Rings). Nothing to do with my geek side of course, aha