Opening your map project

Login to your account

You don’t have an account yet or forgot your credentials? Contact your project manager.

Select your project in the project list

Currently, you cannot create a map project on your own. Your project manager should have created it for you.
However, you will have access to a demo map that will give you an idea of what is possible to do with VisioMapEditor.

When you select your project in the list, you will see its information on the right part of the screen.

There is multiple tab you can access from the project information card

  • Apps: allows you to launch any app you have activated for your project.
  • Targets : displays the necessary hash code for integrating your map into your project.
  • Tickets : displays project support tickets. You can also create a new ticket from this tab.
  • History :  contains all time-bound information related to the project.

Starting the creation process

To edit your map, go to the "Apps" tab and select "Edit Map" in the VisioMapEditor's card.
This will launch VisioMapEditor, where you can either edit a pre-existing map or create a new one from scratch.