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A powerful web based map design application to create, edit and publish your indoor maps, its routing network and much more.


A unique platform to help you mutualize, manage, and track on your map all the information from sensors, IOT and assets used in your smart building.


A simple and synthetic dashboard that lets you visualize the usage of your maps. Analyze relevant information about your customers journey inside your indoor space.


Create, edit and publish your indoor maps and its routing network.



Create beautiful 3D maps with simple 2D drawing tools, with high import and export formats capabilities.


Add IDs to your surfaces to make them interactive and compatible with any information you might want to display on the map.


Define profiles to create specific content on your map. Publish with filters to display only relevant information.


Draw the routing network to facilitate navigation for your users with turn by turn instructions, multimodal and multibuilding routing.


Only one map to maintain and update for all the platforms. Publish your indoor maps only in two clicks on mobile, web and kiosk.

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A unique platform to help you manage all your assets.



Real time room occupancy to help plan your meetings.

Hot desking

Use sensors to know in real time desks availability.


Improve energy efficiency by visualizing energy consumption.


Improve daily office supplies usage with push notifications.


Sensors put on key assets to track location at all times.


Guide your teams and ensure the maintenance of your assets.

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A simple and synthetic visual statistics tool.


Map usage

Show statistics on maps and maps content used by all anonymized end-users.


Display statistics in real time or on a selected period directly on the dashboard.


Display and analyze users journey inside your indoor space through heatmaps.

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