2022 was a very good Visioglobe year, we onboarded new prestigious customers, and 98.8% of our clients renewed their trust, meaning a very high fidelity rate. Some of them trust Visioglobe for 12 years, which is a great acknowledgement of our product, our service and the team: we are proud of these relations and thank our customers for their trust. Now it's our Visioglobe role to reward their trust with an always better product service.

As we look ahead to 2023, we are excited to announce some exciting developments and new challenges on the horizon.

Product 🎉: We are thrilled to announce that VisioMapEditor, the software that allows you to create and update your maps, will be receiving a major update on March 13th. This new version will include new features and improvements to make the software even more user-friendly, efficient and stronger for our clients. We are always looking for ways to improve our software and answer all our clients' needs.

Business: We have ambitious plans to continue to expand on our current worldwide main market in Mall, PropTech, Hospital and University. We'll also expand the possibility to all our customers to use the map use case in the same building (Visitors, Staff, Security, Facility management).

Team: We are excited to welcome new team members. They bring new skills, ideas, and perspectives that will help us to continue to improve our solution. We believe that the new team members will be key to our future success.

Overall, we are confident that we can successfully navigate these new challenges and continue to innovate and grow as a company. We are looking forward to another successful year and continuing to provide our clients with the best indoor mapping solutions on the market.