For a year now, COVID has disrupted our lifestyles and the world of work has had to reinvent itself so that employees continue to work from home.
Visioglobe mapping helps you adapt best practices to adapt your workspaces to your employees.

Create personalized maps  for covid management

Our system of editing is agile and allows great freedom of customization.

Whether modifying an existing map or creating a new one, easily adapt spaces for any specific scenarios. You can also set new icons to fit the new safety buildings needs.

An interactive contactless map  for employees

The Visioglobe indoor map is a cross platform software that allows your employees to  go to the office in complete safety without useless contacts.

You can have a safe wayfinding while minimising contact risks by setting a mono directional routing. 

Benefits of Visioglobe indoor map features

The features of Visioglobe maps allow you to manage Busy Place management. 

With your heatmap take control of your room attendance to avoid common spaces overflow.
You also have the possibility of asset tracking and visualization. Follow essential assets on your maps and keep track of crucial supplies stocks.
Moreover, monitor occupancy rate with social distancing through remote Desk and Meeting Room booking.
You can ensure facility optimal operations with cleaning shift scheduling.

Visioglobe is ready to answer new ways of working and address safe back to work use cases across indoor mapping.