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How Orange Business Services uses our indoor maps to improve their workplace environment

Since 2016, Orange Business Services uses Visioglobe indoor maps for their web and mobile application.

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How Orange Business Services uses our indoor maps to improve their workplace environment

Indoor Mapping for workspace optimization and better interaction between employees

With the Covid19 crisis, digitization and reorganization of workspaces is even more important and one essential subject for companies to improve building management optimization and employee journey simplification. Digitization of workspaces through indoor maps makes it possible to reinvent the uses making navigation in offices easier and more fluid and allowing better interactions between employees, whether on site or remotely.

Orange Business Services redefines workspaces through its partner Visioglobe

Orange Business Services has developed a range of digital services to efficiently answer users and managers needs. These digital services are intended for Orange Business Services employees and also marketed to other companies. They integrate Visioglobe indoor mapping solution into a dedicated mobile and web application. This multi-platform interactive mapping presents opportunities for employees and provides concrete daily support, considerable time savings and completely optimized indoor navigation. It is possible and easy to see the availability of meeting rooms and offices, to find a colleague, or any point of interest in the building. Since 2016, the partnership between Orange Business Services and Visioglobe has continued to grow stronger and the number of sites satisfied and using our technologies is increasing.

Orange Business Services understood that Visioglobe indoor mapping technology adds value to their building optimization and management whether for the company or the employees. Visioglobe indoor maps help them with real time information and tools easy to use.

Orange Business Services speaks about this building optimization and workplace efficiency in this video, have a look here!