Over the past 5 years, Orange Business Services (OBS), the Orange subsidiary working on integration of products and services for businesses, and Visioglobe have worked together on many exciting projects. Facilities Now, an internal and external app developed from OBS was the biggest one!


Facilities Now, an application to make employee’s life easier

Facilities Now is an app that meets Orange employee’s needs, initially intended for employees to facilitate their journey at their workplace. This first historical project for Orange has been a success and is still in constant evolution. Initially planned to remain internal, Facilities Now has become external and a product sold by OBS for companies all over the world. This app is multi-site and offers a wide choice of use cases. First of all, on each site it helps you with practical information such as nearby transport, safety devices or corporate carsharing service. This also makes possible advanced geolocation using POIs (points of interest) by navigating in the building while having the location and the availability of the various services of the building like meeting rooms. Facilities Now also aims to reinvent the use of the services of these users, in particular through technological innovations pushed through its digital interface. It allows various possibilities such as unlocking its connected locker remotely, book resources, control his environment (lights, heat and cooling...), report an incident or dematerializing its badge.

Facilities Now is an app that grew from an internal project for Orange into a product intended for companies around the world. Our partnership with Visioglobe has continued to become ever more present.

Christophe Licitra

Visioglobe map, added value for Facilities Nows

One of Visioglobe's major differentiation is based on the map. OBS has chosen to trust Visioglobe to integrate aesthetic maps into the app, in 3D with beautiful textures. This is a real strength and a premium effect that makes using and navigation very enjoyable.


What I enjoyed most about Visioglobe technology is the premium and impressive effect of their maps, which have very beautiful 3D textures for the most pleasant use. In addition, the relationship with the teams is excellent, whatever the subjects of production or innovation.

Christophe Licitra


The partnership between OBS and Visioglobe has its beautiful days ahead. Facilities Now are growing across the world adopted by many companies, with 8 new sites in Africa, Middle East and South America just signed this month.
In addition, the product itself is constantly evolving and OBS wishes to address new markets to make it something new for its app. Something even better!