Visioglobe partnership, how does it work ? 

We believe at Visioglobe that long lasting partners are a key factor of our success. And for that, we always want to put partnerships first.
Visioglobe technology is always integrated with third-party solutions. We work in an ecosystem where our products complement and add value to your app project.
Visioglobe provides integrators and technology partners with all the tools needed to provide the best indoor mapping experience for their applications.
Visioglobe works with different types of partners. Integrator partners or technology partners can be web agencies, application developers, internal IT teams of end customers or consulting companies.


And why is it beneficial ?

Visioglobe is an expert in digital maps and indoor navigation.  We have over 15 years experience helping our partners succeed in their mapping projects and delighting their end clients. Becoming a Visioglobe partner allows you many benefits and a privileged way to work with our teams.
You will benefit from specific and very interesting prices for your different projects for a win-win relationship with our teams!
But that's not all, being a Visioglobe partner gives you access to all the material to become an autonomous expert in indoor mapping. You will participate in training, tutorials, presentations and give your project the expertise in indoor mapping it deserves!

In addition, you will have access to the developer's website which allows you all the necessary documentation for an easy integration.
But, a partnership with Visioglobe is above all a collaboration ! Feel free to suggest features to improve your customer experience and discuss them with Visioglobe to include in the roadmap. Also take advantage of the opportunity to beta test our brand new features and give valuable feedback to your customers.

Don’t take our word for it.  Here what our existing partners say:


Visioglobe is our preferred partner to provide the 3D interactive mapping solution for our various products. For almost 5 years now, we have noticed each time the remarkable quality of the deliverables, as well as the excellent relations between our two companies. Transparency being our leitmotif, we particularly appreciate the spirit of this company on a human scale: listening, dialogue, satisfaction and good humor.

Christophe Licitra

And how do I become a partner? It's simple! All you have to do is go there and fill out the form to explain your wish for a partnership with us ;)