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Improve the traveler’s journey with indoor maps for airports

Visioglobe indoor mapping solution allows smooth indoor navigation and an easy asset location in airports.

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Improve the traveler’s journey with indoor maps for airports

Here we are, summer is coming and we can’t wait any longer to go abroad. In order to do it, we should take a flight to reach our destinations. However, finding your flight inside an airport is not something easy for everyone, and an airport is such a complex structure where finding its way is a real challenge for travelers. How can I reach gate 10 ? I would like to go through duty free before take off, but where is it? The gate has changed, where can I find relevant information? Travelers are sometimes overwhelmed with many questions about their navigation in the airport and can waste a considerable amount of time. A traveler arriving late for his flight is a considerable cost for the airport and the airline.

Create beautiful digital airport maps with Visioglobe

Visioglobe indoor maps can help you find the best solutions for your needs! Our indoor maps allow you smooth navigation for your travelers from the car park or the check-in area to the boarding gates. Also, travelers will no longer be lost to find resources at airports such as duty free, restaurants or hotels. In addition, our indoor maps provide accessibility to people with reduced mobility by using ramps and / or elevators.

One map on multiple devices

Visioglobe indoor mapping technology is a multiplatform software and can be integrated both on your kiosks, website and your airport application allowing smooth indoor navigation for travelers who will easily follow the right directions on their smartphones. For example, Scan a QR code in the airport, open a Visioglobe map on your mobile phone, and be guided to your destination gate. 

Improve staff efficiency and store visibility

Better indoor navigation also allows you to improve staff and employee satisfaction with less questions from customers and travelers. In addition, Visioglobe indoor maps make it easy to track different assets for a staff team in order to repair or maintain a dysfunctional elevator for instance. Also wayfinding with indoor maps will increase visibility and business of hotels, restaurants, cafes, duty free, and all shops inside the airport.

If you want more details regarding Visioglobe indoor 3D maps, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts!