A hospital is usually a place with complex facilities, and having to find your way around for an emergency or an appointment can be stressful and difficult. Also, this complexity can be a waste of time for hospital staff that need to locate medical equipments.
This is why indoor mapping technology allows measurable and concrete benefits for staff and patients in order to provide optimal indoor navigation and building management. Indoor maps for hospitals allow a nurse or a doctor to easily find the critical and rare assets at the right time, a key factor for this kind of building. 

Indoor maps & navigation : Visioglobe at the service of healthcare to optimize patients and staff journey

Healthcare digital managers are facing various issues to improve and optimize their patients' comfort, while optimizing both parties' journeys and keep cost saving for the structure.
Since 12 years Visioglobe is answering to these interrogation by providing innovative and interactive indoor 3D maps.

Answering to patients orientation challenge 

Visioglobe indoor interactive maps embedded into a mobile app, website or kiosk based on one single map, help patients to locate their medical appointments. 
The multiplatform map allows the patient to find a service or a place in the hospital thanks to the hospital website. The same map is also available on the patient's mobile on any device which allows smooth navigation.
More than 40 hospitals use Visioglobe for points of interests visualisation, and step by step navigation is used inside the hospital to easily reach the destination.
The patient experience is improved, the late arrivals, no shows or stressed patients are avoided. 

Answering to staff asset tracking and maintenance challenge 

Combined with an indoor location or asset tracking technology, medical staff can use the same digital map built for patients into an internal application. They can identify assets such as : wheelchairs, infusion pumps or vacant beds. 
Maintenance staff can get and visualize the information of a broken light on the map, be guided to the asset in order to fix it. 

Visioglobe: indoor mapping technology for your hospital!

Visioglobe indoor mapping technology provides hospitals with innovative solutions to optimize time, building management and patient flow
As a result, indoor maps are becoming an essential point in hospital digitalization!

If you want more details regarding Visioglobe maps, please don’t hesitate to contact us!