2021 has been a very special year for each of us. It was also for Visioglobe with many great projects, new opportunities and success.
Today we are going to take a look at what made 2021 such an exciting year:

Business side:

Visioglobe has developed its influence in the USA and Canada through the development of its first subsidiary in Montreal! This was a major turning point for Visioglobe: offering our mapping solution closer to North American partners and customers and adapting to their needs. Julien, our Regional manager on site, works hard to develop existing partnerships and find new ones such as new contracts. The long-term goal? Develop this market and have a dedicated sales and technical team there!

Product side:

Our teams of developers have worked hard to optimize our products and the features that make them up. VisioMapEditor team is preparing a brand new version of the software and the SDK team is working hard to simplify the integration and adapt the versions to the new use cases. Carry on speaking about new stuff, VisioWeb has is new extension VisioWeb Essential allowing developers easy use for web SDK.

Team side:

Our team changed a bit! But in the right way. We aim at Visioglobe to be always more customer-centric oriented. And for that, we have created two new jobs very useful and cool (ofc). A new product line manager to better understand the customer's needs and an UX designer to work on our products and make them optimized.
And we know communication is a key point for our solution so we have a new marketing and communication manager (who is writing this article) :-) 

2021 has been a very special but exciting year for Visioglobe as we have worked together to make our products better with a dedicated customer centric strategy! Let’s make 2022 so prosperous and successful!