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Meet the team - David Cerna

Today, we are starting with our employee’s interview with David who talks to us about Visioglobe and his role in the company.

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Meet the team - David Cerna

Today, we are starting with our employee’s interview with David who talks to us about Visioglobe and his role in the company.

Hey David, Hope you are well. To start off, what do you currently do at Visioglobe ?
I am learning the job of software developer and software architect. I work on the development and maintenance of the 3D visualization software.
I am glad to be able to work with a tutor who knows how to make himself available to explain to me how this very interesting job works.

You recently joined Visioglobe ? How did you integrate yourself in this new environment ?
My integration was pretty easy and my recruitment quite surprising. I did my job interview with the whole Visioglobe team. Yes, yes absolutely everyone (laughs) and although we are a small team of 16 people, it was completely new to me. Thanks to that I quickly understood the very friendly atmosphere of the company. Here at Visioglobe, everyone’s opinion matters. My recruitment took place the week we were doing our team building and it helped a lot ! 

What do you enjoy the most here ? How is the atmosphere ?
To be honest, it's thanks to Visioglobe that I'm currently doing this work. What I appreciate the most is this special atmosphere where everyone can give their opinion in all areas of the business. I am surrounded by professionals and I am extremely lucky to have a tutor who masters his subject and who transmits his passion and his job to me. At Visioglobe, the only pressure is the one you put on yourself.

We all know that you like bringing breakfast on monday at this office (laugh)
So croissant or pain au chocolat ?
Chausson aux pommes. (laugh)

Did you always want to be a Developer ?
No, I worked on loads of environments before the development. I have worked particularly in culture and crafts. I discovered the job of developer thanks to a relative and I realized that I liked the job and it was much more accessible than I thought. I have a motivation to do this job that makes me grow every time I learn something new.

What would be good developer tips that you can give us ?
In my opinion, a developer should be organized, aware and also a little humble.

Did you achieve something that makes you proud here ? 
Maybe when I beat my tutor on Starcraft 2 over lunch. (laugh)

Speaking of lunch break, how is a typical lunch at Visioglobe ?
We hurry to eat to have more time for games. (laugh) More seriously, we all discuss a lot of subjects together and then we play board games, we organize tournaments on Starcraft for example or we play on the Switch. Yes...we love games. 

David, in conclusion, if you were a map, what kind of ? 
The map of Iceland would be great!