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Meet the team - Jon Bryant

Today, we speak with Jon, our product line manager and how he works on Visioglobe products.

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Meet the team - Jon Bryant

Jon is product line manager at Visioglobe. Today, we are talking about his recent transition to his new job in the company and how he works on Visioglobe products.

Hey Jon, Hope you are well. To start off, what do you currently do at Visioglobe?

I work closely with Visioglobe's talented development, sales and marketing teams. My goal is to communicate relevant information and share key context so that everyone can be autonomous in their decision making.

When you first joined Visioglobe, you were hired as a developer. How did you decide to transition into a product line manager?
I first got introduced to product management when I was made responsible for creating and launching a new product at Visioglobe. I absolutely loved the experience.  I couldn't stop thinking of different ways to make the product better. At one point, I was even dreaming about the product.

You are from New Zealand and we love stories about your country! That's something awesome! How do you feel working in France at Visioglobe?
It's great working in France.  Unfortunately learning languages isn't one of my super powers. I'm lucky enough that my colleagues are very tolerant of my french. The only time that things can become awkward in the office is after a France vs All Black rugby game.

What do you like most in your job?
I'm really passionate about solving problems. If you want to create the best solution then it's important to really understand the problem that you’re trying to solve.  I'm also glad to be in a role that's about sharing and communicating with people.  I'm a natural introvert and this job helps me focus on people.

Do you prefer working remotely or at the office?
Definitely the office! It gives me an excuse to ride my bike and I find the office atmosphere energizing.

What skills and abilities does a product line manager need?
You need a fair amount of grit. Making improvements is never easy and if you give up at the first hurdle then you're not going to get very far. Also, I have a personal ethos to be pleasant at work. I want to create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe to contribute.

Jon, in conclusion if you were a map, what kind of map would you be?
Probably a topographic map. Using contour lines to show relief features on a flat surface is genius. It even works for weather maps!