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Meet the team - Nathalie & Julien

Today, we sat down with Julien and Nathalie, salespeople at Visioglobe to discuss their job.

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Meet the team - Nathalie & Julien

Today, we sat down with Julien and Nathalie, salespeople at Visioglobe to discuss their job and what is the key to building long-lasting relationships with clients and partners. 

Nathalie and Julien, thanks for chatting with me. Today, it's a bit special because I'm going to ask my questions to both of you! Are you ready ? OK, let's go :)

First, tell us more about what you do as a sale at Visioglobe ?

I enjoy explaining what we do at Visioglobe, who we are and how we work with our clients. I want to be sure that the client is satisfied with our solution to work on a long-lasting relationship.

Nathalie: Every day, I am working on the best solution that suits customer needs. I am the intermediary between my clients and the rest of the team at Visioglobe.

What aspects of your job do you prefer, the most rewarding ? What are the keys to ensure long-lasting success ?

The most rewarding thing in my job is when the client has a look, through Visioglobe, on the features that indoor mapping software can provide for his business. The client contact us when he has a very specific need. We discuss and present our solutions, which give rise to ideas at him  which resurface on Visioglobe side. This makes it possible to adopt our technology and our solution and refines the solution that the client offers to its users. I love it because it’s a virtuous circle, and we improve our products ! 

Nathalie: What I like best about my job is to popularize a very technical product into something very accessible for anyone who has a project set up or to be set up. I like to support the client in his digital project development process. Sometimes for some clients, the map could be an option and my goal is to convince them that indoor map is central in their digital project.

And what about the working environment between salespeople? 

: The relationship between salespeople is going exceptionally well and for several reasons. First, thanks to the personalities of each one, we all get along very well, and we   have no conflict of interest. There is also a distribution by zone, and we help each other rather than being in competition. In fact, we all have the same goal, to do the best for the future of Visioglobe.

Julien: I agree with Nathalie, and I would extend this positive dynamic to all Visioglobe. The philosophy and corporate culture at Visioglobe instilled great team spirit and support between collaborators, and it affects the sales department. 

Julien, how do you feel about working in Montréal, away from the team in France and Nathalie, what do you think about this situation ?

: At Visioglobe, we are empowered from the first day, when I found myself alone in Dubai previously or in Montreal today, I know that I have the confidence of all Visioglobe. I don’t have the impression of not be part of Visioglobe. I talk a lot on a daily basis with my collaborators, and I would say that distance is only a “detail”.

Nathalie: I agree with what you say, we make sure to adapt to have a minimum of daily interaction with you, and it's essential to keep in touch with the person abroad to involve him in the company. Julien is self-responsible by nature, keeping cohesion and contact.

What do you like most at Visioglobe ?

: I'm happy to see my colleagues again, to laugh, to have fun around table football or having lunch all together ! 
I enjoy meetings, exchanges, or debates we can have at Visioglobe. I also have a variety of very heterogeneous clients, I work with many countries, many cultures and that is very rewarding.

Julien: The atmosphere is good, the new recruits always suit well the Visioglobe philosophy. At Visioglobe, your personality is a key factor in the recruitment. Most important, at Visioglobe people have a lot of humor and are very open-minded. 

Come on, one last VERY serious question, if you were both maps, what kind of map ?

: The map of the Mediterranean on the Marseille/Ajaccio/Nice triangle !

Nathalie: The world map. I have several nationalities in my blood and I can't choose where I come from :-)