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Multiverse functionality by Visioglobe reinvents your smart building!

Multiverse functionality by Visioglobe is useful to meet the specific needs of people or companies.

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Multiverse functionality by Visioglobe reinvents your smart building!

Smart buildings are complex spaces where employees, visitors and patients' needs may be different. It might feel a little complicated to use the same map of a building but in a different way and with very specific functionalities depending on the profession, the role of the person or what people need to see.
We could then imagine that a company had to create a map for each type of user.
And this is why multiverse functionality by Visioglobe is useful to meet the specific needs of people or companies maintaining one single map but publishing different information depending on the needs and targets.

1 - "Multi" Business Function

Multiverse functionality allows you to use your custom indoor map by assigning specific profiles according to the role of each user.
Let’s take an example : our smart building uses a Visioglobe indoor map but needs to provide access to security tools for the maintenance team but also a visualization of the offices and meeting rooms for employees. Only one map can be used for different use cases with different visualization and features. Maintenance team can have access to specific data related to safety with for example the location of an extinguisher while the employees won’t have access but will be able to find meeting rooms and offices in the building.

2 - "Multi" Companies

A second typical scenario is the presence of several companies in the same building. It can obviously become a problem for privacy issues or practicality for employees who only want the mapping part of their company.
Multiverse functionality allows multi companies in one building with only one map by offering a profile per company providing employees dedicated information and mapping.

3 - "Multi" User

The third main feature of the multiverse functionality is about some map users who may have special needs and therefore the map should meet their needs in the most optimal way.
Let’s take the example of a visually impaired person. Multi-user allows them to see the map in a different or very bright color to suit their particular needs.

Multiverse  Visioglobe functionality  reinvents smart building and adapts to any type of use case to make your indoor maps accessible and optimized for your use.

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