Visioglobe is not the same anymore...

We have changed our logo!
That's it, the big day has arrived, Visioglobe has had a makeover and changed its logo. 

Why a new logo ?
This logo aims to evolve our brand image through modernity and flexibility with many adaptations to our various media, whether print or digital. 

Why is this logo indicative of our company and corporate culture ?
Because it is linked to our corporate values :

Simplicity & Efficiency
Authenticity & Kindness

Simplicity & Efficiency
Visioglobe is about effective products that are easy to use. For our symbol, we started from the metaphor of the button with this expression “at the touch of a button” which expresses the simplicity of our products. Our products' essential goal is to navigate the end users to their final destinations safely and efficiently.  The button's shape and form is inspired by one of the essential building blocks of the routing network, the routing node.

Authenticity & Kindness
Throughout the evolution of our logo we have kept a circle shape, which suggests the earth where our maps are located. The circle is also a universal and strong symbol with many interpretations.
Through this symbol, we wanted to express the authenticity of our company, a united company that works together and is committed to giving the best in what it does best, indoor mapping. 
Visioglobe is also about kindness so we chose a typography that perfectly combined modernity and softness.
This typography has been redesigned to accentuate the futuristic aspect and make it unique.
Visioglobe is a great company to work in with a nice and joyful atmosphere, our typography focuses on rounded and soft shapes to highlight this essential aspect.

See below how our logo had evolved over the past years

We can't wait to hear your opinion on our new logo and very happy to be able to share it with you today :)