Visioglobe inside aircraft – more than 10,000 screens equipped to prepare passengers for their arrival at the airport.

Visioglobe have been chosen by Thales Avionics to propose an interactive and innovating application, that allows each passenger to prepare their airport transfer and navigation before landing.

Large North American carrier fleet are the first aircrafts to be equipped with this new solution.

To be integrated inside Thales’s IFE (In-Flight Entertainment), Visioglobe have created interactive maps of different airports, which provide an exhaustive list of all Airport POIs.

The Thales and Visioglobe partnership propose to each passenger, the possibilities to visualize, during the flight, a full navigation inside the airport, which is one of the most advanced on the market.

This partnership started 3 years ago, and has been renewed for the next 5 years.

Visioglobe demonstrate again their capacity to be selected by the market leader, in one of the most demanding markets in the world.

Visioglobe successfully reach the objectives of Thales which are

– Allow passenger to previsualize their navigation inside the airport, before landing.
– View landing gate, and select different destination
– Find and navigate to any relevant POI inside the airport.

The Visioglobe solution can also be available on Mobile, Web and Kiosk to provide a seamless navigation experience for the passenger.

The advantage of the Visioglobe solution are :

– Easy set up
– Custom design for each airline company
– Real time information provided on the map, like landing gate and different destinations

This success delivers a strong signal to all our customers in the world that have adopted our solution for their market, like Mall, Office Building, Hospital, Airport. As it’s always the same high end solution that we deliver for all markets, taking care of each market requirement, quality request and UX, for delivering each 6 week, new features inspired by our customer requests.