Over the past 4 years, SITA, the aeronautic international organization providing communication and IT services for the airport industry, and Visioglobe have worked together on several exciting airport projects.

The SITA and Visioglobe partnership has enabled many aeronautical projects, in particular that of LaGuardia Airport. SITA works with LaGuardia, one of the three large airports that serve New York,  to take care of supporting its modernization, in particular through the use of Visioglobe indoor mapping.
Visioglobe indoor mapping software provides quick and easy information to travelers such as flight information, asset tracking or travel information.
Visioglobe indoor maps  optimize the management of passenger flow through the airport.

SITA was seduced by the quality of Visioglobe’s indoor mapping solution and its very extensive customization. Visioglobe's product proposition is designed to be simple to use and integrate, meaning that SITA was able to quickly and efficiently deploy their customer facing mapping solution.
In addition, SITA benefits from the Visioglobe's cross-platform technology, which allows them to update a single map and roll out the change immediately to mobile as well as web and kiosk platforms to ensure a consistent customer mapping experience. Our partnership is based on the shared values of trust and transparency that has been built during our partnership. SITA and Visioglobe have worked together since 2018 in order to deliver the best customer experience to passengers traveling through airports installed with the modern SITA wayfinding solution.

The Visioglobe and SITA partnership anticipate several other major US airports to come together in the near future and after that we hope to deploy our successful solution globally. 

Visioglobe is a specialist in indoor mapping for airports, do not hesitate to request a demo or information here.