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The benefits of Visioglobe: why indoor mapping with our company is the way to go!

Visioglobe is recognized as one of the key players in the indoor mapping world market.

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The benefits of Visioglobe: why indoor mapping with our company is the way to go!

Visioglobe is recognized as one of the key players in the indoor mapping world market with 15 years of experience in the industry, with headquarters in France and an office in Canada. Our technology is proven, easy to use, and efficient, with powerful map editor software and easy integration options. We provide solutions for various industries, including malls, offices, and hospitals, to improve their business and address specific problems they face. Our certified partners and 500 live customers are proof of our robustness.

The fast and easy map editor allows import and export capabilities and can work with your favorite format for interoperability. With no installation and travel expenses needed for building analysis, our SaaS platform allows indoor map updates to be made quickly and easily from the Map Editor and can be displayed on multiple platforms. This reduces the average indoor map update time and ensures that the same indoor map is immediately available on all platforms such as mobile web or interactive kiosk. We also provide 2 hours of training in order to use the map editor software.

The visualization capabilities allow many different use cases, such as employee or staff navigation and data analysis through a friendly and intuitive wayfinding combined with a  powerful 3D mapping. Our indoor maps are also mobility-friendly and comply with the latest accessibility standards laws to make them accessible to those with low mobility. They feature a blue dot for location tracking and low battery consumption, with a map size of less than 5 MB and a frame rate of 64 fps or higher. 

The technology is easily integrated with the most recent frameworks such as React Native and Flutter, as well as any CMS or indoor positioning system on the market. This makes it a powerful solution for various industries, such as malls, where it can increase turnover by informing customers of their favorite shops and promotions. For offices, our In-store flex office solution allows employees to book their desks from the indoor map, helping to divide the rent cost by booking office and meeting rooms directly from the office map containing the indoor map.  According to, there has been a 70% increase in the demand for meeting rooms within flexible office spaces worldwide, as reported in recent statistics. Additionally, statistics from the WSJ indicate that 40% of employees report wasting up to 30 minutes a day in search of available meeting spaces. These statistics demonstrate a real need for Smart Offices to digitize themselves using wayfinding.

Indoor mapping technology has the potential to help hospitals reduce the rate of missed appointments and improve patient care. With indoor maps, hospitals can create detailed digital maps of their facilities, including patient rooms, clinics, and medical offices. It can help healthcare providers improve patient navigation and reduce the risk of patients getting lost or missing their appointments. Missed appointments have become a costly problem for the U.S. healthcare system. According to recent research, these no-shows are resulting in an estimated cost of $150 billion each year.
Also, a recent study has found that a significant percentage of first-time visitors to hospitals get lost, with up to a third of these visitors experiencing difficulties navigating through hospital facilities. Indoor mapping technology is the key to fixing those problems and improving visitor and patient navigation in those large hospitals.

In conclusion, the indoor mapping solution we provide is instrumental in enhancing the experience and optimizing navigation within many large indoor buildings, such as offices, malls, hospitals but also airports and universities. With cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, our technology has become an essential tool for a variety of industries looking to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and enhance the overall customer or user experience. Our indoor mapping solution can help take your Smart Building to the next level. Don't wait to improve your indoor navigation experience - try our indoor mapping solution today!

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