Are you planning to launch a new indoor mapping project with us ? First you need to know a bit more about our team. Yes we are cool but that’s not enough to introduce ourselves. 
Visioglobe is about a special synergy between people that put the very best of themselves to turn challenges into amazing project success.

First of all, we work in a great atmosphere, nature to be accurate. That is a really positive thing about our environment. Our HQ office is based in the French Alps, mountains on both sides that inspire us and make us dream. But even though we love our mountains, we turn our attention to the global market working all over the world with amazing partners and companies and we do our best to take the best care of them. Our projects with you include many businesses such as offices, shopping centers, airports and hospitals. We are convinced that your building may have the opportunity to be a Smart Building that improves your internal processes.

Would you like to know us even better?

We are a dedicated and passionate international team of 16 people  who aim to offer excellent indoor mapping solutions constantly observing and adapting to market and use cases evolution. We like to say that we are optimistic people working to move forward together. It includes a lot of sports activities, funny and happy moments aboard a kayak or on ski trails during weekends  when it is sunny. Visioglobe is also about opportunities  offered to  its employees, always improving ideation and innovation. Challenges are part of our activity and we appreciate being proactive and moving forward for the best indoor mapping experience to our clients. 

"Going to work it's like a team sport activity, if we do it, it's for the pleasure of having a nice team, and the taste of the chosen activity. I’m feeling like this at Visioglobe, every day, since the very beginning."

Eric Bernard, our CEO