Have you ever experienced wayfinding issues at a new university? It's a common thing, and it can be a real source of stress to get lost. Universities are large buildings with many corridors and rooms, and visitors or teachers can also have wayfinding issues in this maze. It can become a very unpleasant experience. Visioglobe offers a solution dedicated to universities through Ready Education, the world leader in mobile student engagement platforms.

Visioglobe and Ready Education partnership aims to create unique digital experiences for campus through easy-to-use and powerful indoor mapping technology.

VisioMapEditor by Visioglobe is the perfect tool to map your campus and make indoor wayfinding smooth and intuitive for students and visitors.
The technology is cross-platform and can be integrated through your campus applications or on kiosks inside the building. Students will no longer have to worry about finding their way around the building, and easily moving to the room or place they want.

Visioglobe indoor mapping software will take your campus to the next level by offering smooth and functional navigation to your students and visitors. Maps are available on web and mobile to allow everyone living a unique experience by avoiding being late and optimizing the paths. In addition, Visioglobe adapts to campus needs by offering navigation designed for people with reduced mobility, supports almost all languages ​​for international students and is accessible offline/airplane in the mobile application.

Visioglobe technology provides management and editing tools easy to use even for a non-technical staff which can follow training of 2 hours to know and use our indoor maps. 

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