Inaugurated in December 2018, Al Araimi Boulevard Mall part of Al Raid Group is the new shopping destination for Oman families, tourists and young population.
With almost 190 000 sqm and 264 shops, the mall is emerging as the new innovative place to be for entertainment and recreation shopping.

Digital innovation was part of this project. The Advergy advertising agency, and Visioglobe indoor maps decided to collaborate in order to provide a mobile application integrating wayfinding.

The mobile application available on iOS and Android devices, has an intuitive and attractive design. It allows shoppers to get the last offers, know more about the stores, events… but also find your way to your favorite shops, dinner places with audio guidance for wayfinding or park assist.

The indoor location technology was provided by a third party partner : Averos.

The map has been designed by The Advergy teams using VisioMapEditor. Multi modal routing network, spaces customization and colors, floors, levels of details were able to be managed using the back office.

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