VisioAssets by Visioglobe is a Saas application to visualise dynamically and easily the information related to assets coming from sensors, or an IoT solution, on one centralised map inside one application.

The assets’ information can be displayed inside VisioAssets automatically and dynamically if connected through BMS (building management systems), an IoT (internet of things) solution, an IPS (indoor positioning systems) provider ; or this asset information can be manually added to VisioAssets. VisioAssets is applicable for both fixed and moving assets.

The interactions between the VisioAssets user and the assets’ information can be customised depending on the expected usage of VisioAssets: by clicking on an asset you can chose to visualise only its historical data for example.

The assets are visualised on a Visioglobe map to check their current status, to filter some asset specificities, to edit their status or to monitor their historical data.

VisioAssets is agnostic to the asset solution provider: you can visualise on one centralised platform all information gathered from several asset solution providers.

VisioAssets allows you a complete overview to optimize the cost management of your building, improve the predictive maintenance and enhance employees safety.

For more information about VisioAssets : contact your Visioglobe account manager or