L'Oréal chose Visioglobe and its integrator partner Cardiweb for the indoor mapping of its 6 office campuses completed last June.

It was an extensive and very successful project over 6 months through a great collaboration with its integrator partner.
Cardiweb's SmartCampus application, which therefore integrates Visioglobe indoor maps, is a mobile application allowing wayfinding in the campus and viewing the availability of meeting rooms and speech bubbles. This application is intended for employees and visitors.

The application is multisite and provides aesthetic 3D maps of several sites in the same application with an extremely fast loading time of the maps!
Cardiweb also integrated indoor maps on kiosk and web on some L’Oréal campuses making multiplatform indoor maps more accessible to employees and visitors.

Visioglobe indoor mapping software provides access to intelligent search and an intuitive route to meeting rooms, concierge, cafeteria, reading room, reprography room as well as major outdoor POIs, roads and streets near the building. L’Oréal campus indoor navigation is easy, simple and efficient for everyone in it!

Visioglobe and Cardiweb have equipped the L'Oréal campus in the Parisian area and aim to extend indoor mapping projects for L'Oréal to Europe.

Stay tuned and check out our section on office buildings for more information!