Visioglobe is turning its North America Office into an official subsidiary in order to further strengthen the partnerships already in place and the significant presence in the USA and Canada. We talked to Julien, our new North American regional manager about his role in the company and the goals related to this new subsidiary. 

Julien, to start off, what is Visioglobe doing in North America ? 

Visioglobe is already well established in the USA and Canada through solid partnerships in the healthcare industry and in the commercial real estate industry. We have many indoor mapping projects with several companies and we want to strengthen them by increasing our presence in this region.

What are the business goals to successfully execute the subsidiary's development ?

Our presence in North America has continued to progress since the establishment of the Office in March 2019. During that period, Thibaud was the regional manager through a VIE (Volunteer for International Experience) contract. Then, we have developed many partnerships and our presence along the way and we aim to progress even more in this development. It was a major decision to establish a subsidiary in Quebec and we are convinced that it’s worth it!

What is your current role at Visioglobe and what is your job ?

After heading the development of Visioglobe in the Middle East, I am now the regional manager of North America and I have just arrived in Quebec at the opening of our newly created subsidiary. In a nutshell, I am working on developing and strengthening our existing partnerships in North America as well as I will be involved in finding and following new opportunities for our business through new prospects interested in Visioglobe indoor mapping technology and with whom we can establish contracts. Very familiar with the Anglo-Saxon universe and particularly North American, I appreciate my job by the very relational aspects that it occurs. A new region for a new challenge, let’s go!

What are the growth projections for this new subsidiary in the future ?

We should be able to gain new business through our newly created subsidiary and will increase our presence in the USA and Canada. Then, it would be great to expand and set up a whole dedicated team, especially developers who work on the development of our indoor mapping solution.  

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