Visioglobe provides high-end digital maps and navigation just like Google Maps, but for indoor and private locations!

A mapping solution is a key element for the user’s indoor experience as well as for asset tracking and visualization fields.

The need to locate oneself in large buildings, quickly and easily, has become important in terms of ROI for venue owners and operators.

Benefits of using Visioglobe solution:

– Optimised patient journey
– Increased duty-free sales and targeted promotions
– Simplified employee experiences at their workplace for activities such as reserving a meeting room, a meet-me function, hot-desking and flexi-desks solutions
– Saves venue owners and operators time while increasing their sales revenue.

Within 30 min Visioglobe will show you : How can you optimize your operations with indoor navigation for your business?

Learn how Visioglobe’s 200 active clients worldwide successfully achieved over two million connections every day using the Visioglobe solution in airports, at events, in shopping malls, in office buildings and hospitals.

3 sessions to match with your timezone!

Session 1 in English / 28th of April 2020
9.00am Paris Time (CET)
3.00 pm Singapore Time (SGT)

Session 2 in English / 29th of April 2020
5.00pm Paris time (CET)
11.00 am New York Time
8.00 am San Francisco time

Session 3 IN FRENCH! / 30th of April 2020
11:00 am Paris Time (CET)