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Why you should use indoor mapping for your university

Visioglobe offers an indoor mapping solution dedicated to universities with indoor navigation and asset tracking.

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Why you should use indoor mapping for your university

Have you ever experienced wayfinding issues at a new university? It's a common thing and it can be a real source of stress to get lost.

Universities are large buildings with many corridors and rooms and visitors or teachers can also have wayfinding issues in this maze. It can become a very unpleasant experience. However there is an effective digital solution solving the indoor wayfinding issues. Visioglobe offers a solution dedicated to universities.

Give a smooth indoor mapping experience to your university

First of all, Visioglobe indoor mapping solution greatly improves students, staff and visitors' experience on campus. Using indoor navigation allows students to arrive on time, find their class room and reduce stress for them and their teachers.
People with reduced mobility will also be relieved to know where they can find accessible assets to benefit from indoor navigation experience in the building. The routing network and step by step navigation working offline will easily spotting the lifts, and avoid stairs.

Optimal use of space in the building

Another main point that comes up very frequently is the need for students to find an available room to work or meet together. With indoor mapping, it is possible to view which rooms are available and to be able to book them, whether for students but also for staff or teachers.
Indoor navigation allows students to find each other, share their position in the building and meet easily. Your campus can become a real place to meet and collaborate.

Manage changes to your building

A university campus may have to change with time, in particular through the reconfiguration of rooms or spaces.
Indoor navigation makes it possible to apply POIs, points of interest useful to set up on places and rooms. These POIs can be easily configured with names or specifications. The university can evolve with time, indoor navigation will evolve with it and will be up to date in the wink of an eye :)

The university is a place with many facilities to manage and maintain. Visioglobe asset tracking allows you to have better visibility of your assets in your university. In your building, locate and track in real time essential assets such as printers or vending machines. Maintenance teams can intervene faster and with greater efficiency.

As you can see, indoor navigation not only improves navigation in your university, it goes even further by making your building connected, to be able to meet the wayfinding needs and avoiding the stress of visitors, students and staff. 

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