Orange Business partners with Visioglobe to provide exceptional interactive indoor maps for Smart Offices

Orange Business enhances productivity and innovation for over 3,000 multinational companies and 2 million customers worldwide through digital services and Visioglobe's indoor mapping technology.

The speaker

Christophe LICITRA is Senior Project Manager at Orange Business. Among others, he is the Coordinator of the Orange Business’ partnership with Visioglobe and in charge of the customers’ projects throughout their entire lifecycle: from pre-sales to customer service, passing through sales and production stages. Here, Christophe LICITRA shares with us the story about this winning partnership and why working with Visioglobe is the way to go.

The use case


Providing a comprehensive application to improve workplace efficiency and wayfinding within smart offices


Implementation of Visioglobe technology to provide smart offices with high-quality, interactive indoor navigation maps


▪ Time-saving wayfinding system
▪ Everyday life made easier for employees
▪ Occupancy management and safety enhanced