Tools and table view

Content tab

The content tab is VisioMapEditor’s content management system (CMS). It allows you to manage the content that will be displayed to the users of your final application. You can also choose to connect your own CMS to VisioMapEditor to manage it, or import your data with a .CSV file as an example. Remember, a graphical element can become a POI when it receives an ID. POIs are also called Places.

Select tool

When you are in the content tab, you only have access to the tool. The select inspector allows you to see all the POI that have already been named and the one that is still to be named on the floor you are currently working on.

POIs attributes

When you select one of your POIs, you can see and edit its attributes.

Name This is the name that will be seen in your final application. This is also this name that will be used for your user searches.

Print badge This badge number will be used for the legends of the printable version of your map.

Icon You can choose to add an icon for your POIs. You can either use an URL address or use the icon already present in the map’s icons library.

Description You can give your POIs a description. You can use HTML format to insert links, images and other relevant information.

Categories You can create and attribute categories to any of your POIs.

Custom data You can use the custom data to insert any type of information you may need to your POIs.

Table view

When you select a POI with the select tool, you can click on the View table button to access the table view of your content. In this view, you will be able to see the POIs of your entire map. You will also be able to edit the content of your venue structure, such as buildings and floors. In the table view, you can also manage the locales and translate your content in multiple languages, as well as your categories.