Getting started

Saving and map versions


In VisioMapEditor 3, changes are streamed instantaneously, so your work is always saved. A version of the map will be created at the end of each session, so you can access it at a later time.

By default, autosave is on. You can choose to disable it at any times.

Autosave gif
⚠ Warning

If you choose to work without autosave, remember to save your work regularly to avoid losing any of it.

Create a map version

Whether you are using autosave or not, you can create a new map version. The new saved map version will be displayed under the Tagged versions section. The user making the save and the date and time will be displayed as well.

map version creation gif
Pro tip

Here at Visioglobe, we use tagged version to keep a map milestone. You could use them to create a temporary element on the map, like a kiosk, or to keep two versions of the map with two different style themes.

You can remove the tag on your map version by clicking the ... menu and then clicking on Remove tag

Preview a map version

To preview a specific map version, click the eye icon. The preview will be opened in a new tab. In this preview mode, you can make edits on the map, but they will not be saved.

However, you copy and paste surfaces from the preview tab to the active version tab.

Restore a map version

To restore a specific map version, click the ... menu and then click on Restore version

Restore a map version gif