The comments panel

To open the comments panel, click on the   icon in the right toolbar.

Comment panel gif

Adding a new comment

To add a new comment, start tipping in the Write a comment... field. When you start typing, a comment pin will appear on the map, in the center of the drawing canvas. The comment will be bounded to the floor you are currently viewing. In our example, the comment will be associated with the floor B3-UL5. From there, you can :

  • Click on Cancel to stop adding your comment
  • Check the Make comment global box, so it is not bounded to a specific spot on the map. This is used to create general comment.
  • Click and hold on the comment pin to move it to the appropriate location. You can always do it later if you prefer.
  • Click on Validate to confirm the creation of your comment
Adding a comment gif

Once your comment is created, you can see it under the corresponding floor dropdown. You can move its pin around.

If you navigate on the map and wish to see the empalcement of the comment again, simply click on the comment in the comments panel.

Comment navigation gif

The camera will move automatically to the correct location.

Reply and resolve

To reply to a comment, click on the Reply button under the comment. Then, click on Validate to publish your answer or on Cancel to cancel the reply.

Comment reply gif

To close a comment, click the 3 dots menu on the right of the comment and click on Resolve

Comment close gif